Fire Alarm Certificate

Fire alarm certificate is a mandatory inspection which is carried out in accordance with BS5839. All these regulations are part of the fire detection and fire alarm systems for buildings;these regulations also cover design commissioning and maintenance of the system.

Guide to fire alarm inspections is mentioned below; they are further divided into the following types of systems:

Grade A Fire Alarm system

Grade A fire alarm systems have the following necessities ;

  1. Smoke Detectors.
  2. Heat Detectors.
  3. Manual Call Points.
  4. Central Control Panel.
  5. Sounders.

They are usually a part of commercial property, but can also be installed in residential properties.

Grade D Fire Alarm System:

A Grade D fire alarm system are mostly interlinked smoke/Heat alarms, these systems are installed in residential properties.

It is necessary to perform a full test of the fire alarm system in every 6 months. The test should be carried out by a qualified person. The fire alarm test should be performed in accordance with BS5839 part 1 section 6. Once the test is done, its reading should be recorded in the log book. Fire alarm certificate is issued at the completion of fire alarm testing.

Tests Carried Out

Functional tests will be carried out on all detectors. Sounders sound levels will be tested that it complies with current regulations so in case of fire its audible enough.

Test Results

  • Fire logs would be completed
  • Any defect would be noted
  • Relevant party or authorised person would be trained to look for further issues

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