Emergency Lighting Certificate 

Emergency Light testing is carried out to make sure these light perform to lead to escape route in case of fire, loss of power or any other emergencies.

Properties with multiple occupancy (HMO) should have emergency lightning installed in them according to local councils and health and safety laws.

All exit routes must be guided by these lights and should be highlighted through signage.

These exit routes are for people to make exit in case of any emergency. All safe exits must always be highlighted.

Emergency lights  needed for following reasons:

  • Power failure

  • Breakdown of the lighting system.

  • Fire.

Under above circumstances accidents could result if emergency lights does not perform .

It is highly  important that the people are able to find there escape route  of the place of emergency safely in case of fire or any other incident. The escape routes should be free any blockage and should have enough light to lead the exit routes. This is mandatory for all the places. Which includes :

  • Guest Access.

  • Public Access.

Emergency light test should be carried out on regular interval and reading and functional order should be recorded in a log book by a responsible person on site.

  • Variety of tests are performed on your lighting systems.

  • Each and every point is inspected to ensure that the bulb is working and the housing is safe and secure.

  • All lights are detached from their electrical supply for three hours to ensure they can sustain illumination for the required period of time at the point of emergency.

  • Tested areas are examined to ensure that they have enough emergency power.

Failure to comply with requirements can result in prosecution. You may even end up in a criminal court if there is any serious injury or death; as a failure to fulfill with the emergency light testing procedures.

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