Steps required to follow before our electricians visits your property to perform an electrical test :

  • The engineer must be given full access to the board; any hindrance should be removed before.
  • position of the board must be provided to the office before the test to in order to ascertain whether the engineer will need ladders or not.
  • PAYG meters must have sufficient credit for the engineer in order to conduct the test.
  • Any damaged fixed fittings must be identified and taken care of before to the test; for example: broken light switches, cracked sockets etc.
  • must check whether all the sensitive equipment are unplugged before the test .
  • Fuse boarded should be marked up properly identifying  all the circuits clearly for the engineer to perform the test.
  • If at any point if the engineer feels the installation to be an unsafe the test will be stopped immediately and recommendations will be made to the customer for improvements required.
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